Ultrasound Monday and Hopefully a Plan

Ultrasound Monday and Hopefully a Plan 2

Tomorrow is our first trimester screening ultrasound. We’ve seen the twins throughout this pregnancy as hyperemesis has gotten the best of me. And even with the first trimester coming to an end, sorry to all those that told me it would end but you’re wrong. I’m still showing no signs of letting up on the […]

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The “Decision”

The "Decision" 4

While some might think I’m insane and that it’s too early in a pregnancy to make such a “life-changing” decision. After this pregnancy, I want to get my tubes tied. Yes, I’m only 24. At one time, I had thought about how awesome it would be to be a surrogate. Now, no way could I […]

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Breastfeeding:Round Three Times Two?

Breastfeeding:Round Three Times Two? 5

It enters everyone’s mind. Can I breastfeed? Well, I hope I can. Yup, I failed at breastfeeding. Twice. Now, the twins will be born at a different hospital than their big sisters (Thank god after the last nightmare) and I have been told that there are eight lactation consultants for moms after delivery. It’s all […]

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11 Week Pregnancy Growth

11 Week Pregnancy Growth 6

We have hit 11 weeks. Now, this might not make sense but I’m shocked I’m already to 11 weeks but I’m also saying this slow? Yes, I know. Let’s blame it on the hormones. Morning sickness is still kicking me. Hopefully the meds we started will kick in soon. I’m not AS tired but I […]

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One thing after the other.

One thing after the other. 7

As the 11 week mark nears, this has been a long haul already. I’ve had to have two IVs in the last week to get re-hydrated. On Saturday, we did another ultrasound to make sure things were okay and from what was seen, babies are growing as they should. We know now that the twins […]

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Boys or Girls?

Boys or Girls? 9

It is hard for me to believe I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. Of course, in a few weeks it will turn to, are we there yet? In a few weeks, I plan to take a gender prediction test before we have the ultimate ultrasound showing what babies are. But to have some fun, I […]

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Is this real?

Is this real? 11

Hi members of Lily-pad. Be sure to leave a comment.   I am still in shell shock. If you by chance saw our Wordless Wednesday, we received big news on Tuesday. TWINS. Now to give an idea, I stopped taking birth control last August because of the health issues and I just figured, I’d rather […]

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Fighting Morning Sickness

Fighting Morning Sickness 15

Sometimes, I am convinced the “namer” of morning sickness was a man. If you are a woman, you know that morning sickness can truly be all day sickness. What are some ways you fought morning sickness in pregnancy? I’ve always been told these tips or things to try- Small sips of water throughout the day […]

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