Spring Break Bucket List Ideas

painting of a bunny on white paper

While I’m not surprised by our crazy Iowa weather, it’s crazy to imagine we are days away from our school Spring Break! This year has already been filled with busy schedules to keep us on our toes and hopefully, Spring Break can be filled with some fun ideas to enjoy together. If you’re looking for […]

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3 Simple Ways to Support Animal Shelters and Pets in Need

3 Simple Ways to Support Overpopulated Animal Shelters and Pets in Need (Family Features) Pets are right by their owners’ sides when they need them. Without hesitation, they provide support, companionship, protection and more. Right now, more than 250,000 dogs and cats are waiting in United States shelters, according to Share the Care, a coalition […]

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5 Steps to an Amicable Divorce

woman in white dress shirt and black skirt sitting on gray couch

When you say I do at the alter and waltz off on your honeymoon, the thought of divorce will be the last thing that crosses your mind. However, when it’s suggested that 50% of marriages end in divorce, even the strongest of partnerships may come to a breaking point.  If communication has broken down or […]

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Start Your Summer With A Family Meeting

Start Your Summer With A Family Meeting 3

In early June summer break seems like such a long stretch of time, full of possibility. While getting in a good routine can be chaos (I’m a twin mom…there’s never a dull moment!), one thing I wished to do this Summer is create a bucket list for our family. You have big plans and so […]

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Is A Pet Dog A Good Addition To Your Family?

When it comes to your family, there is always something that you need to be thinking about. It might be the stage of the baby to toddlerhood, weaning, potty training or them starting school, but you may also face the decision on whether or not having a pet dog will add value to your family. […]

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Family Night In Ideas

Family Night In Ideas 4

Looking for some fun ways to spend time as a family? When we work such a hectic schedule all of the time, it can seem impossible to be able to spend a fun night in with the family. When you do get the chance to do so, make the most of it and try some […]

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Ideas for Keeping Busy this Summer

Ideas for Keeping Busy this Summer 6

Summer is almost here and the countdown is on for the last day of school. As we prepare, it’s important to find a schedule that works for your family and plenty of activities to keep everyone busy and happy. I know as a work at home parent, it can be hard to find balance during […]

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Baby Brother’s Graduation

Baby Brother's Graduation 8

It is Official. My youngest baby brother graduated high school this weekend. Having such an age gap, I was graduating high school as my brothers were starting school so seeing them “All grown up” means alot to me. My baby brother graduates today! I’ve watched my brothers grow and I’m proud of them both! #classof2018 […]

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3 Ways to Prepare your Home for a New Baby

Expecting an addition to your family is always an exciting time filled with thoughtful gifts, loved ones always at your side, and the anticipation that a newborn will arrive anytime now. Many new parents become nervous during the last few weeks of pregnancy, and they may worry that they won’t be ready when the baby […]

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