Ideas for Keeping Busy this Summer

Ideas for Keeping Busy this Summer 1

Summer is almost here and the countdown is on for the last day of school. As we prepare, it’s important to find a schedule that works for your family and plenty of activities to keep everyone busy and happy.

I know as a work at home parent, it can be hard to find balance during Summer. It’s important for your family to know that you have responsibilities that have to be taken care of. Make sure your children get ample quality time with you to help avoid interruptions. Sometimes, we just need to take the time to sit down and read a book together or play a game.

Here are some Summer ideas we’ve found that might be perfect for your family this Summer!

Stay tuned as we will be continuing to share ideas for staying sane over Summer break!

Ideas for Keeping Busy this Summer 2



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  1. This summer is the first summer in 5 years we have free. Since son graduated a few weeks ago there is no band camp or student leader training on the calendar it’s all about family.

  2. Thanks for this list. I was looking for ways to keep my granddaughter busy! The spongeballs and shaving cream sounds like something she would really enjoy.

  3. The backyard fishing game is so awesome! We have so much camp this summer, that I want to spend the weekends just having FUN with my kids. Good, old-fashioned fun.

  4. Great ideas for the summer! I know my daughter will love making the shark slime. I’m taking the summer off from school since I wanted to spend more free time with her so these will be fun. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I work from home too so I know how you feel! I always try to take one full day off a week so we can go out and do something fun, then plan 2-3 short activities a day for us to do together. The rest of the time I keep my fingers crossed that they’ll entertain themselves so I can get some work done! LOL

    Louise x

  6. I definitely need some inspiration for ideas to get us through the summer. It is hard to keep the kids busy all the time!

  7. Great ideas! My kids would like the spongeball water games and sidewalk chalk games.

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