Kelsie’s Track and Field Day

Kelsie's Track and Field Day 1

It is hard to believe Kelsie’s first year of school is almost over. She is a great student and doesn’t want school to end!

Tomorrow, her school track and field day was planned for 12:30pm. Sure enough, the forecast? 94 degrees. Heh.

Luckily, the school was able to move the track and field to the morning so it wouldn’t be as hot. I am still in a flareup but hopefully, I can catch some pictures of my little Princess giving it her all. My family never came to Track and Field day when I was in school so I’m thankful for the chance to get to see her participate.

We’ve got the sunscreen ready, more water, comfy shorts (They’re normally shorts I only let her wear around home but hey, it’s going to be hot so it’s okay to wear lazy clothes, correct?) I just have to switch out batteries to make sure we have plenty of power.

Do you cheer on your kids for Track and Field Day?


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  1. Fiorstbefore i forget you have double social bars and one is going over the content.

    second, i do love track and field. I do my best to be at charlottes functions!

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