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The Ultimate Planning Guide for Travelling with Kids

Planning your family road trip can be an exhausting ordeal. However, taking time to plan the trip can make the difference between a vacation full of fun and adventure, and a disastrous trip. Here are five tips to help you prepare for a family road trip

  1. Plan your route, accommodation, and fuel

The first step in planning your road trip is to choose a road trip route. Use a road trip planning app to identify all the places that your family wants to visit. Additionally, calculate the distances and travel times between these points. The figures will help you to estimate the fuel cost for the trip.

Make sure to book hotels rooms before setting out on the road. While this may make your road trip less flexible, you’ll feel liberated knowing your family has a place to sleep during the trip.

  1. Prepare your car for the road trip

It’s always a good idea to have your car serviced and inspected a week leading up to your trip. Some basic things you can do on your own include checking your vehicles fluid levels, headlights, brake lights, windscreen wiper blades, topping up the water level, and inspecting the tires. Also, make sure that you have a spare tire and all the basic auto repair tools.

If your car isn’t in good condition, you may want to consider renting one. While it may be a bit expensive, you can rest assured that your family is traveling in a car that’s in good condition. If you’re thinking of leasing a car for your next road trip, be sure to look at a leasing guide first.

  1. Pack all the essentials in a bag

Be sure to pack basic necessities and keep them within reach. Some essential items you need to pack include plastic bags, toilet paper, sunscreen, insect repellent, antibiotics and a change of clothes.

Remember to carry a first aid kit, a flashlight, and basic car safety equipment.

  1. Pack children’s entertainment

It’s important to pack toys and activities that your kids will enjoy during the trip. Pack your children’s favorite toys, story books, coloring books, pencils, markers, crayons and crossword puzzles. You can also make a list of games to play or songs to sing on the road.

  1. Bring food and drink supplies

Eating out every meal during your trip is neither the healthiest choice nor the most cost-effective. Additionally, there might not always be a fast food joint easily available. An easy way to save money and ensure your family is eating right is to pack your car cooler with water, juice boxes, a lot of snacks, and precooked food items. You can also stop by grocery stores along the way to restock the cooler.

Planning your road trip is key to having a vacation full of unforgettable experiences. Just follow these five tips to make sure your trip is fun and successful. If you have any other tips for planning a family road trip, please feel free to share with us in the comments section below. And don’t forget to subscribe to mommyjenna.com for more interesting posts related to parenting.

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