Happy Birthday Nathan and Lucas

2020 is over and that means it’s finally time to celebrate my beautiful baby boys! We’ve been through it all in the past year and remote learning has been something we all have worked to adjust to. I am so proud of you both each and every day! Happy Birthday my Sweet Boys! View this […]

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The Comedy of Pulling Baby Teeth

The Comedy of Pulling Baby Teeth 3

Sometimes in this house, a simple event can become an event for the entire family. Nathan and Lucas have begun losing baby teeth recently and Nathan had a permanent tooth come in before a baby tooth came out. After talking to our dentist, we decided we had to be goofy to get Nathan wiggling that […]

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Lucas Lost his First Tooth

Lucas Lost his First Tooth 12

We had a dental checkup about a month ago and sure enough, Lucas had two loose teeth. It just doesn’t seem possible. The twins were ornery after speech therapy today and needed to take a nap. They were fighting that idea and sure enough, “Mommy, there’s something in my mouth.” as he pushed his tooth […]

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The Last Day of School

The Last Day of School 14

As I dropped my kids off for their final day of school, the emotions hit me a bit. The twins began HeadStart right after turning three. We all struggled with this “new”. Nathan and Lucas would fight tooth and nail for Mommy to not leave and there were lots of tears. We had very few […]

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The Twins 5th Birthday!

The Twins 5th Birthday! 15

The twins turn FIVE today! My sweet baby boys turn 5 tomorrow. I love you both so much and proud of you! #HappyBirthday #twins #love #lucasandnathan #OneTreeHill #babyboys #sons #identicaltwins #truelove A photo posted by Jenna?MommyJenna (@mommyjenna) on Jan 3, 2017 at 7:54pm PST We love you both so much Lucas and Nathan! Five years […]

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Nathan Dental Surgery Recovery

Nathan Dental Surgery Recovery 19

This month, Nathan had his second surgery. While both were oral surgeries, this one was a bit longer and with different anesthesia, etc. After a regular dental checkup, it was discovered that both twins likely have cavities on the interior sections of their teeth;think where teeth touch teeth. A bit heartbroken, our dentist told me […]

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