3 Simple Ways to Support Animal Shelters and Pets in Need

3 Simple Ways to Support Overpopulated Animal Shelters and Pets in Need

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(Family Features) Pets are right by their owners’ sides when they need them. Without hesitation, they provide support, companionship, protection and more. Right now, more than 250,000 dogs and cats are waiting in United States shelters, according to Share the Care, a coalition created by more than 100 shelters and animal welfare organizations. With shelters experiencing overpopulation and resource constraints, these pets need help.

To reciprocate the support pets provide, Mars Petcare is launching Service Humans Needed, its largest shelter volunteer program ever. The company is calling on all “service humans” to support pets in need through acts of service. Consider these three ways to help homeless pets and find more information on how to get involved at BetterCitiesforPets.com/ServiceHumans.

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Volunteer Your Time
Whether a one-time event or on an ongoing basis, shelter staff appreciate volunteer support. There are many ways to contribute, including walking dogs, socializing with pets, connecting with shelter visitors, cleaning pet areas and more. As an added bonus, volunteering at your local shelter can be a way to meet like-minded people in your community while serving a common cause.

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Volunteer Your Home
Due to the high number of homeless pets, shelters are experiencing overpopulation and resource constraints, according to Shelter Animals Count. If you have time to commit and are willing to offer a shelter pet a loving home during a time of need, fostering and adopting can help alleviate stress on shelters and create space for more pets in need. Fostering pets and spending time with them at home can also help you determine if you’re ready to become a pet parent.

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Volunteer Your Platforms
If volunteering your time or home isn’t doable right now, volunteering your social platforms for the cause can also be an immense help to shelters. In a study by AdoptAPet.com, nearly 9 of 10 shelters and rescue organizations surveyed agreed the simple act of sharing information about adoptable pets on social media can increase the likelihood of them being adopted.


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