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Family Night In Ideas

Looking for some fun ways to spend time as a family? When we work such a hectic schedule all of the time, it can seem impossible to be able to spend a fun night in with the family. When you do get the chance to do so, make the most of it and try some of these greats ideas.

Home Video Night

If you have a lot of home videos of the kids when they were babies and when they were starting to grow up, a fun activity would be to spend the night showing these videos in front of the kids. It will be lovely for you to look back on these memories of your children and be happy that they are growing up, and it will also be fascinating for the kids to see themselves younger.

Volunteer Night

If you want to teach your children the value of charity and doing something good with their life, you can take them for some volunteer work for a day at your local zoo, national park or museum. You will be able to show your children how these organisations make a difference in the world and it can even inspire them with what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

Cooking Night

If you have a family who all like different food and family members who are a little bit fussy, you can have some fun by making your family make their own dinner. For example, you can buy pizza dough from the supermarket, get everyone to roll out their own dough and then top it with whatever they want. You can then cook them all off and everyone will have a personal meal which they will love.

Camping Night

Fancy a bit of an adventure? Why not set up camp in your back garden this weekend and pretend you are deep in the woods? You can build a fire in a safe place in your garden and toast some marshmallows and meat as you sing songs and tell scary stories. At the end of the night, you can all cuddle up in the tent together with plenty of blankets.

Games Night

Games nights can be the easiest way to spend time with your family in the evening, and you can break out the video games, your Final Fantasy XV and classic board games such as monopoly. Remember to make sure that you hide any hard objects because the kids might get a little bit stroppy if they don’t win every time! You can create a league of games and then tally up who wins each game so you have a clear winner at the end of the night, and the winner gets to pick your takeaway!

Movie Night

Think about this: lots of blankets on the floor, candles lit up, a popcorn maker popping away, and your favorite movies. What could be better? Dim the lights this evening and set up your own cinema experience for the family as you eat popcorn, nachos and drink soft drinks.

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