Spring Break Bucket List Ideas

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While I’m not surprised by our crazy Iowa weather, it’s crazy to imagine we are days away from our school Spring Break! This year has already been filled with busy schedules to keep us on our toes and hopefully, Spring Break can be filled with some fun ideas to enjoy together. If you’re looking for Spring Break Bucket List Ideas, we hope this list inspires you!

  1. Planting. While it’s still too cold for outside, get your flowers and garden plants ready with seed starting inside.
  2. Geocaching. (weather permitting of course!)
  3. Library Trip.
  4. Try a new recipe.
  5. Try a new craft.
  6. Play a board game
  7. Have a day of Random Acts of Kindness
  8. Visit your state capital
  9. Build a pillow fort
  10. Living room campout
  11. Family Gaming Tournament. Checkers. Connect 4. UNO.
  12. Make a Family Vision board. What do you want to create over the year? What activities? Summer Planning?
  13. Spring Cleaning Challenge-whether you’re consigning outgrown clothing or donating, make a challenge in each room of your house to help declutter.
  14. Build a LEGO masterpiece.
  15. Visit family you haven’t seen in awhile.
  16. Complete those Pinterest pins. If you have a Pinterest board full of recipes you haven’t tried yet or the DIY board, go back through and find ones you can do over the break
  17. Coloring together. There are many free coloring page options to print from websites online.

What Spring Break activities are you family looking forward to?

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