Useful Baby Care Tips for New Parents

crop person demonstrating clothes for child

Becoming a parent for the first time is an amazing thing. However, there is no getting away from the fact that it is also overwhelming, exhausting, and confusing at times. Just because you now have a child, that doesn’t mean you automatically know just how to take care of them, and it’s a case of […]

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6 Cute Gifts for First Time Moms

funny teddy bear placed on blue surface

Finding the perfect presents for new mothers might seem like a coin toss between purchasing something for her and something for the baby. Even though the latter is great, few things in life are as stressful as the first few months of being a dad.  She’s in unfamiliar terrain, and it might seem not very […]

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Emergency Kits – 5 Baby Must Haves

Emergency Kits - 5 Baby Must Haves 1

From hurricane season to tornado season, to earthquakes on the west coast — you should have an emergency kit for the family nearby in case the unforeseeable should occur. Because babies require a lot more in the first year of their life, putting an emergency kit together and updating it every couple of months could […]

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Consider These New Baby Shower Trends

Consider These New Baby Shower Trends 2

So you’re throwing a baby shower. Perhaps you’re planning it for yourself, your best friend, mom, sister, or coworker, but you simply want it to be great. Though you may have been to a couple of showers in your lifetime, the traditional concept might seem like a bore. Well, you’re certainly not alone, which is […]

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Easing Your Mind As An Expecting Parent

Easing Your Mind As An Expecting Parent 3

There’s nothing quite like waiting for your child’s delivery day to roll around. Of course, this is usually a surprise, and most people won’t know exactly when it’s going to happen, adding to the dread which they will already be feeling. Despite this being one of the most exciting times in your life, it can […]

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Announcing the Arrival of Your Newborn

Announcing the Arrival of Your Newborn 19

Though Facebook or Twitter might be the quickest way to announce the arrival of your new baby, it might not the best. Taking a quick photo with your phone then uploading it to a social network doesn’t always yield the most flattering results, doesn’t necessarily reach all the people that you want it to and […]

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Preparing Your Home For Your Baby

Preparing Your Home For Your Baby 22

Many things change when you bring your baby home. However, some things must change before baby is introduced to their new home. In order to keep your newborn safe, you must prepare your home. From preparing the nursery to taking care of any last minute home repairs, it is important to prepare now instead of […]

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Technology for the New Baby

Technology for the New Baby 23

So you’re a month out from the due date. The nursery is painted, the crib is in place, and you can feel the baby inside of you, kicking and trying to get out. It’s an exciting and scary time, and you’ve probably many hours getting prepared and going over your to-do list. Everything from doctor’s […]

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These Two are Trouble

Jenna Goodwin pregnant

Meet the twins. These two are double trouble already. They’ve sucked Mommy’s brain cells of any writing style. They’ve turned Mommy into a bruised pin cushion of blown veins. Mommy was forced to be admitted to the hospital on Labor Day. After five bags of fluid, I finally was no longer showing signs of dehydration. […]

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