Is this real?

Is this real? 1

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I am still in shell shock. If you by chance saw our Wordless Wednesday, we received big news on Tuesday.


Now to give an idea, I stopped taking birth control last August because of the health issues and I just figured, I’d rather not add anymore meds. to cause issues.

Several tests ended up negative. I’d given up on the idea of more babies.

No one on my side of our family has ever had twins. While it’s shocking, we’re slowly getting excited (this hormonal lady is still having issues LOL). It hasn’t fully sunk in yet but, I’m working on baby registry and planning already, lord knows I’m gonna need it.

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Babies measuring 6w5d and 6w1d

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    1. We’re still too early to fully see everything but from what we know, identical.

  1. That’s awesome! Congratulations. . . and good luck! Twins are a lot of work but a lot of fun too!

  2. That would explain why your little bump popped sooner, huh?! I love it! I am looking forward to reading about your journey!

  3. I’m still so freaking excited for you. Who knew that we would be friends through 2 of our own pregnancies together and now this one too?? No way am I joining you on this journey though. At least I won’t be in the hospital at the same time as you this time!! <3

  4. How exciting, congratulations! I’m a mama of identical twins and they are awesome 🙂
    They shared a placenta and we had lots and lots of ultrasounds so you will get to see the babies a lot.
    I took a picture of my belly once a week starting at six weeks to show the progression.
    The kids love looking at the photo album to watch me grow and grow.

    1. We have two ultrasounds scheduled already but it sounds like same placenta here, so lots here too! It’s so whoa!

  5. This is so exciting. You are going to go through many changes and yes start planning early. I’m looking foward to reading your posts.

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