One thing after the other.

One thing after the other. 1

As the 11 week mark nears, this has been a long haul already. I’ve had to have two IVs in the last week to get re-hydrated. On Saturday, we did another ultrasound to make sure things were okay and from what was seen, babies are growing as they should. We know now that the twins are mono/di which lowers some of the risk but there are still risks for things such as twin to twin transfusion. Hearing some of these things flat out scare me but I’m trying to give myself the prepare for the worst, expect the best attitude (easier said than done).

While we had the ultrasound on Saturday, since I was dehydrated again and had lost more weight in a matter of days, I was also hooked up to an IV. When bloodwork came back, we found out my thyroid levels were low. GREAT. We just had to add another complication to the list didn’t we. Right now, I don’t have many answers but all I can do is pray that it has not impacted the babies in some of the ways I have learned it can. I hope it’s only done a number on me.

We have another ultrasound scheduled in August to see babies again. Hopefully, we won’t have many issues requiring hospital between now and then, although the nurse told me to expect to come back more with the Hyperemesis. *sigh*.One thing after the other. 2


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