Pregnant with Twins? Erase anything you know about pregnancy


If there is one thing that I am learning about having a multiples pregnancy, I’m learning to throw out anything from previous pregnancies and imagine yourself pregnant for the first time ever. Everything is different from the prenatal care to the way your body acts.

I have already gotten “the baby bump” and I can be honest in admitting, chasing my girls is making this mommy lose breath already. It might be the humidity and my stubbornness in taking an inhaler but phew, it’s a workout already.

While I had hyperemesis with Kelsie, fighting morning sickness pregnant with twins is freaking ridiculous. Especially when you have a male doctor that “applauds” you for sticking it out and not taking any meds. to help with getting sick (AFTER BEGGING FOR HELP). Instead, that’s resulted in several ER visits already.

Anxiety sucks. Google is my enemy right now when I read about twins. There aren’t many resources out there like you can find for a regular pregnancy. There are some things that just seem expected to be prepared for but some things, no matter how much you ready yourself for…ya can’t.

While it’s hard to believe, I’m past 9 weeks. Here’s to praying that the “It’ll get better at second trimester” comes true.

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  1. ((Hugs)) I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. Hopefully the hypermesis means everything is ok with the babies. I want to see baby bump pics!

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