These Two are Trouble

Jenna Goodwin pregnant

Jenna Goodwin pregnant

Meet the twins.

These two are double trouble already. They’ve sucked Mommy’s brain cells of any writing style.

They’ve turned Mommy into a bruised pin cushion of blown veins.

Mommy was forced to be admitted to the hospital on Labor Day. After five bags of fluid, I finally was no longer showing signs of dehydration. They also didn’t want to cooperate as Mommy had two nurses jabbing her with dopplers, “There’s a heartbeat…wait, they rolled over” When you are sick to your stomach and have someone pushing on you…OUCH.

Once we get these two rascals here, Mommy’s retiring from her baby cooking days. I want my brain cells back.

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  1. So do you know the sex of the rascals lol or is t staying a secret? We find out on Friday! I am getting excited!

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