A Walk to Remember Mike and Help Prevent Suicide

A Walk to Remember Mike and Help Prevent Suicide 1

While I thought the words would come easy in finding a way to help suicide prevention, it’s not as easy as I thought. I wanted to find a way to do my part to help and honor a friend and my mind is speechless of what to say.

Suicide prevention hits close to home as several of us were forced to say goodbye to a friend last week, far too soon. While it had been several years since I had seen Mikey, it still stuns you to know someone is gone. Several friends knew him much longer than I and even, many recently shared in the joy of his wedding this past May.

A Walk to Remember Mike and Help Prevent Suicide 2

As a close friend, Chris Jones, has created the Team “Wilson Walkers” in memory of Mike and to also help spread awareness to suicide prevention.

We will be joining with thousands of people nationwide to walk in AFSP’s Out of the Darkness Community Walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and we would appreciate any support that you give for this worthwhile cause. On Sunday September 18th, 2011, we will meet at the Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny Campus to help bring attention to what at times seems a taboo topic. We must face the need for further access to prevention and find ways to help those in need.
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is at the forefront of research, education and prevention initiatives designed to reduce loss of life from suicide. With more than 33,000 lives lost each year in the U.S. and over one million worldwide, the importance of AFSP’s mission has never been greater, nor our work more urgent.

A Walk to Remember Mike and Help Prevent Suicide 3


Any contribution will help the work of AFSP, and all donations are 100% tax deductible. Whether you are available to join us in our walk or would like to make a donation towards this great cause, all support is greatly appreciated.

For more information or to support our team, please visit my walker page, with a direct link to our team page. I have set a personal goal to raise $200 but know we can do so much more.

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    1. (((HUGS))) Thank you for helping share. This is a Worldwide issue and just want to help in anyway we can.

  1. Thank you Jenna for all your support with this. Also thank you to everyone else that is planning on supporting or walking. This is a very real issue that needs awareness. I have lost people in my life before but this is just uncalled for. I am sorry and wish no one else this pain but I know that several have also suffered from this. For Jenna and I this is the 2nd friend we have lost to Suicide in just over a year. Please help us prevent this from happening any more!!

  2. It is a horrible topic but depression is real, and suicide is real! It needs to be brought to the foreground so that people will pay more attention and learn to watch for signs. I have lost too many to this devastating beast! Good for you for putting this out there! And I truly am sorry about your friend!

  3. I am sharing this for you…hope it helps even just a bit. It saddens me to think there are people who are so depressed that they feel suicide is the best choice. I wish there were more places for people to turn for help.

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