Eye Doctor Appts for Twins

Eye Doctor Appts for Twins 1

With both girls seeing eye doctors last month and Kelsie starting to wear glasses, it’s become more obvious to me that the twins, especially Lucas, might have some vision issues. It’s odd that you notice things more prominently after being aware, (just like when you get a new car and EVERYONE on the road has that same car then).

At Aubrey’s eye appointment, I talked to the doctor a bit about their history and Lucas’ eyes we have noticed when focusing or tired, one closes a bit further and the other seems to turn a bit in.
He said he wasn’t too worried about it but to bring him in whenever we can. So, tomorrow is Lucas’ eye doctor appointment. It will be a new experience as I’ve never seen how it is done with little ones. Once Lucas has his appointment, we will schedule Nathan’s.

You never seem to think about your little one’s eyes until there is a problem but I’m glad we are getting ahead of the game on this and having it checked out now versus later.


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  1. Our twins did not need eye appointments until last year. They started getting headaches while doing school work or after being on electronics too long. They were 7 and old enough to cooperate. I bet other moms would love pointers or tip for taking little ones to the eye doctor!

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