We will never forget….Ten Years Later.

We will never forget....Ten Years Later. 1

We will never forget....Ten Years Later. 2

September 11th will always be remembered. It changed many’s thoughts on life in a whole new way.

As I walked into my high school and Freshman Spanish class, it didn’t sound real hearing the typical “jokesters” cracking jokes about a plane crash. It did not take long for our Principal to come across the loud speakers and attempt to make sense of it all to us. While I was just 14, the images that played on the televisions in each classroom seemed unreal, heartbreaking…to think of all those nearby.

In Memory to all those that’s lives were lost on this day ten years ago…you will not be forgotten.

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  1. Being a New Englander and living just 1.5 hours away.It is a day forever etched in my memory. It.was the first time. Heard my grandma cry. The city I loved and the irish family immigrated to 70 years prior was in distress. I couldnt move. Waiting on calls from family in ny and nj. I still get physically ill on this day. There is much more to our 9/11 story.

    1. I sat here trying to find the right words to write but just nothing seems “right” when it comes to how many people lost their lives and how many lives changed forever.

  2. such a beautiful photo… I almost used that one in my post; I did use the Alan Jackson song because it just speaks to so many people. We were one of those families that turned the TV to I Love Lucy reruns to make us feel better and cried for the survivors.
    Your post is lovely, short, sweet and to the point ~ we must never forget!

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