Fighting Morning Sickness

Fighting Morning Sickness 1

Sometimes, I am convinced the “namer” of morning sickness was a man. If you are a woman, you know that morning sickness can truly be all day sickness.

What are some ways you fought morning sickness in pregnancy?

I’ve always been told these tips or things to try-

  • Small sips of water throughout the day
  • Crackers or bland toast
  • Ginger and B6 (also makes me think of Preggie Pop Drops)
  • Eating carbohydrates and proteins

When I pregnant with Kelsie, I had extreme hyperemesis. I could look at water and end up sick. It sucked. This pregnancy hasn’t decided what it wants to do (then again it hasn’t been an easy start but that’s a whole other story) and I’m definitely fighting.

I remember being pregnant with Kelsie and when I finally could eat, I was stuck drinking lemonade, eating baked potatoes from a restaurant when I worked in the mall, and then drinking root beer. Aubrey did not make me nearly as sick but there were still issues.

What was the number one thing to help you fight the morning sickness.

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  1. has your MS gotten better? I can say that one thing has no changed for me, I still am not able to eat Olive Garden sauces (red sauce) in 18 years…. LOL
    Been thinking about you!

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