Total Gym Total Mom Challenge End of Week 1

Total Gym Total Mom Challenge End of Week 1 1

As week one of the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge wraps up, my body is feeling the impact of the Total Gym XLS. I am still exploring the exercises and deciding which ones work best but I am “feeling the burn”.  When I think about how many machines I’d have to be using at a gym to be working on the same results, it’s kind of shocking to realize it can all be done with this one machine.

Total Gym Total Mom Challenge End of Week 1 2

I have really focused on the following exercises and switching in and out of which ones I do each day. If I’m having one of those fibro flare days, I manipulate but I have been able to force myself to do it, even if I’m going a bit slower.

Compound-Arm Pullover#64, Toe Touch Bicep Curl #72, Core Extension #75(you can FEEL THIS one for sure if you’ve had kids), Surfer #78

Abs-Incline Ab Crunch #60, Kneeling Plank Press #59, Pullover with Crunch#56, Sit Up with Cables #53

Arms-Kneeling Triceps Kickback #48, Inverted Biceps Curl #46, Lying Triceps #44′

Legs-Feet in “V” #41, #40 Toe Bar Squat, #36 Skiing, #27 Legs, #35 Jumping Squat, #30 Toe Out Squat

Shoulders-Shoulder Extension #22, Shoulder Press #19

Back-Kneeling Row#17, Seated Row #11, Front Pullover #10, Pull-Up #7

Chest-Seated Chest Press #1

I’ve been taking notice in what I’m eating-rationing sizes and finding alternatives. While the rest of the family decided to get McDonald’s, I was having a strawberry banana smoothie from the drive thru. Being a care with everyone eating? Let me tell you, not fun.

I am not proud of the way I look right now. People tell me I’m skinny. You obviously didn’t know what I looked like before this weight came on. I want to be back to looking healthy and being STRONGER.


Chest-33 3/4

Waist 33 1/2

Hips 38 1/2

Thighs 23

Calves 14 2/3

Upper Arm 12 2/3

Forearm 9 1/2

Weight:156 (up two pounds)

Seeing the weight go up instead of down stings. I don’t know if that’s from health and my body dealing with meds but to me, it means I need to work harder. This week, I am going to focus on increasing my sets. Instead of two sets of 15, I am going to bump to two sets of 20 each time. I need to go back to an ending position slower. That is the true key to building strength…building endurance.

I have been drinking more waters instead of pop. I began taking Vitamin-B to help with energy. I am looking to increase more fruits to help detox my body a bit more. I really need to get my body rid of all those meds I have been on the past three years. It’s scary to think side effects are still lingering.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and keep me going. And remember, if you are interested in purchasing a Total Gym, you can receive a 15% discount while following the Total Gym Total Moms.

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I am participating in the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge, a campaign through Blog Friendly PR and Total Gym.All opinions are that of my own.

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  1. Great post! I am still struggling on the stats! I do not want to post them lol!

  2. Great job changing your eating habits. As someone who has worked out all of her adult life I can tell you that sometimes the weight does jump slightly before it goes down, esp if you are building muscle!

    So keep on keepin on! Im ready to read about your success next week!

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