An Innovative App to Make Life Easier for Moms

An Innovative App to Make Life Easier for Moms 1


With motherhood come numerous other duties and responsibilities. As single women, many of us never imagine that a time will come when we have to juggle chores and go nuts with chaos. The never-ending ‘To-do list’ right from the moment you give birth, can lead to you ignoring them most important person – YOU. The good news is that there are some very innovative apps that can help you manage the chaos and make things relatively easier. You may not have the time to read lengthy app descriptions or a cellphone spy, so I’ve rounded up features of my favorite apps and I sure hope they help you.

Make no doubt about it, moms need their “me time”. A time out helps them reflect on their actions, decisions about even the most minor chores and allows them to manage their frustrations. With some proper planning and reminders in place, and with apps that bring peace of mind, life can be much easier.

XnSpy: A Short Cell Phone Spy app Review


A mom is the center of the family. She has to take care of the whereabouts of her teenagers and her husband too. Sometimes, moms need inner peace by knowing that their loved ones are safe. For this, occasionally checking on cell phone activities to make sure everything is fine is a great idea. With, you can remotely monitor emails, text messages, call logs, internet messengers, and social media activity. You can also see the browser history, calendar entries, and installed apps to make sure that there is nothing to worry.

Let me explain how each of these remarkable features in a single app can make your life easy while you manage your kids and husband, without ignoring yourself at the same time.


Calendar Entries – If your husband has a busy schedule and is often away from home, you can remotely check his calendar from home. You don’t need to hold his cell phone in your hand to know what his plans for the week or day are. You can plan a romantic evening with him and surprise him to keep the flame of romance lit up. Apart from that, before you make special plans, checking his schedules would be a good idea to avoid disappointments. You can plan things according to his timing and receive him in the best way possible.



  • Monitor Emails, Text Messages, and Internet Messenger Chat – When kids grow old enough to use the cell phone, you want to give them one. Although my kids are still too young, my heart goes out to those moms whose teenagers are giving them a tough time. There are many reasons for you to give your kids their personal cell phone, and the most important reason is to give them a means of contacting you when they need you the most. However, with access to their personal cell phone, they can make some very costly mistakes. With this app installed on your kids’ and husband’s cell phones, you can read all conversations.
  • Access photos and videos – You can also keep track of what kinds of photos and videos your kids send or receive. You have to keep an eye on them because of these days; it is very easy for kids to lost track. Sexting and online dating have become the norm in many societies but it has serious psychological implications on the minds of little ones. As a mom, you want to preserve the innocence of your kids.



Listen to calls – If you feel your kids or husband is becoming too secretive about the calls they make, you can outsmart them with a cell phone monitoring app. When I read the cellphone spy review about XnSpy, I didn’t believe this one until I tried it. It records all calls automatically and uploads them to the control panel. You can listen to entire conversations on calls without detection.



  • Listen to Ambient Surrounding – When you cannot be around your kids or husband but you want to listen to what they discuss in your absence, there’s no need to hide behind doors. With this app, you can turn on the recorder remotely to record discussions. Once they are up on the control panel, you can listen in on the discussions.


I found the app very innovative because it offers many other features too. You may want to read more about xnspy cellphone spy app, or watch testimonials before making your mind. If you ask me, it’s definitely worth trying because their customer support is always there to assist and it costs only $8.33 per month. For peace of mind and an organized life, this is worth much more.

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