Today is the Twins Due Date

Today is the Twins Due Date 1

February 17th marks my “due date” given to me by our doctors according to ultrasound. It is hard to believe, the boys have been here with us for a month and a half.

It feels weird knowing how ahead of the game we were with their birth and of course, how they are doing now. There really are no delays. Sure, they might be a bit smaller than babies their age but not really-both boys already weigh over eight pounds. Nathan and Lucas are showing tons of personality and of course, their big sisters are head over heels for them.

My mind is a bit scattered re-adjusting to my new “roles” times two if you will. I’m still trying to find what works for us but I’m also enjoying every minute of my little boys and also remembering to be thankful for how blessed we are.

Today is the Twins Due Date 2

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