I’m in Love with Pinterest BUT….

I'm in Love with Pinterest BUT.... 1

I have fallen in love with Pinterest. I love checking out the various ideas, recipes, oh everything you can find on there. I have pinned quite a few items to my various Pinterest boards and I find myself checking atleast once a day to see any fun new items others have pinned.

NOW, I love checking everything out but I’m quickly learning that 75% of the world seems to be more organized than me, a better cook than me, and just flat out more creative than me 😉 I’m loving checking out organizing ideas to keep track of all of the baby stuff for the boys and of course, find some fun craft ideas for the girls to play with. Living in an apartment? I’m a bit limited in what I can do. I need a house to play.

I'm in Love with Pinterest BUT.... 2

Do you have a favorite you’ve found browsing Pinterest?

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