Getting Back into Our School Routine

Getting Back into Our School Routine 1

This week is the first full week of Back to School and while we have the typical routines down, there’s definitely some new things we are working on getting rolling. Aubrey is officially a middle schooler this year and it’s been a bit overwhelming for her. Locker combinations, only two minutes between classes, block schedules…I […]

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I’m in Love with Pinterest BUT….

I'm in Love with Pinterest BUT.... 2

I have fallen in love with Pinterest. I love checking out the various ideas, recipes, oh everything you can find on there. I have pinned quite a few items to my various Pinterest boardsĀ and I find myself checking atleast once a day to see any fun new items others have pinned. NOW, I love checking […]

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Tackle It Tuesday-My List I can See

Today is definitely a tackle it day. While I have never participated in a Tackle It Tuesday before, it’s my time to do so. I need to physically see my list of what needs done so I can do it-accomplish it. With just Aubrey and myself today, I’ve looked around and realized-I’ve got some work […]

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