Wordless Wednesday:Twins First Haircut #WW #Linky

Wordless Wednesday:Twins First Haircut #WW #Linky 1

It’s been a long time coming as both the boys’ hair had turned into mop-top curly mullets. The hair on top was too long to faux-hawk anymore so I totally just went for it.

I do have experience with cosmetology and I’ve cut many friends and family members hairs. Of course, when it’s your children-you are a bit more cautious (just like when the girls’ ears were pierced, I had done it a million times before but couldn’t do it myself)


DSCN5602 DSCN5603

Both boys have a major cowlick/whirl right up front so we’re gonna be rocking the comb-over a bit.

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  1. Oh my gosh, they’ve gotten so, so big – and all the more precious! I think they look great both before and after their haircuts 😉

    1. LOL. I’ve actually trimmed the hair around ears and face before this but this was the first “official” cut. They were looking a bit shaggy. I’m in trouble when their hair is getting longer than sections of mine LOL.

  2. First hair cut – tear. I am so glad I have girls. I put that milestone off until mt oldest’s 2nd birthday and I might wait even longer with baby girl!

  3. So handsome! My mom is great at hair cutting, so she always cuts Nick’s hair. He’s starting to hate having it done though, so it’s now getting difficult :-p.

  4. Aren’t they just adorable! my poor kids had a hard time growing hair when they were babies and didn’t get hair cuts until they were at least 2!

  5. OH so adorable! You did a really good job! I still cut my boys hair, and they are 12 and 11 now.

  6. how stinking cute,I remember my sons first hair cut,I sat in the barber chair with him in my lap an my husband running around holding his head as the barber cut it,,it was a work out,he screamed bloodly murder

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