The Comedy of Pulling Baby Teeth

The Comedy of Pulling Baby Teeth 2

Sometimes in this house, a simple event can become an event for the entire family. Nathan and Lucas have begun losing baby teeth recently and Nathan had a permanent tooth come in before a baby tooth came out. After talking to our dentist, we decided we had to be goofy to get Nathan wiggling that […]

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Staying on Track for 2018 Goals

Staying on Track for 2018 Goals 3

This year I chose the word “Investment” as my 2018 focus word. While the first thing that probably comes to mind is financial investment, I’m happy to say there is so much more to it for our family. We plan to grow our successes in many ways this year and I’ve considered how stepping out […]

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When Mom Guilt Kicks

When Mom Guilt Kicks 10

This Summer has been a chaotic one. As I prepare to send the twins off to Kindergarten, I find myself stuck worrying about quite a bit. Unfortunately I can admit, feeling the mom guilt also leads an old friend to try popping up. Depression. I have spent 90% of our Summer with the twins at therapy […]

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The Last Day of School

The Last Day of School 11

As I dropped my kids off for their final day of school, the emotions hit me a bit. The twins began HeadStart right after turning three. We all struggled with this “new”. Nathan and Lucas would fight tooth and nail for Mommy to not leave and there were lots of tears. We had very few […]

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The Twins 5th Birthday!

The Twins 5th Birthday! 13

The twins turn FIVE today! My sweet baby boys turn 5 tomorrow. I love you both so much and proud of you! #HappyBirthday #twins #love #lucasandnathan #OneTreeHill #babyboys #sons #identicaltwins #truelove A photo posted by Jenna?MommyJenna (@mommyjenna) on Jan 3, 2017 at 7:54pm PST We love you both so much Lucas and Nathan! Five years […]

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Happy 2nd Birthday Nathan and Lucas

Two years ago, our life took a crazy but amazing change when Nathan and Lucas made their entrance into the world. 7 minutes apart, Nathan and Lucas joined our family January 4th shortly after 4 pm and our entire life changed for the better. Being a Mom is such a special thing but there’s something […]

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