Mombo Nursing Pillow for Moms Everywhere

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As a Mom, one thing I've learned is we always try new things for our children and while one thing might work for one child, it might be completely different for another child. Even with the twins, I quickly learned that just because one product was a total hit with one boy, his brother would be the complete opposite. 

Mombo Nursing Pillow for Moms Everywhere 1

If there's one thing that is a must-have for your baby, I would always pick a nursing pillow for babies. When Mom is sore or worn out from keeping busy, she can get that extra "hand" to help hold baby close. The mombo nursing pillow is a product that has caught my attention as something I would have loved when my twins were younger. This nursing pillow is unique in design with a firm side or soft side and the only nursing pillow with a vibration feature to help soothe baby.

I have several friends that are currently pregnant and I think the mombo would be the perfect gift for them. Whether they are expecting a boy or a girl, there's no worry as they can customize their mombo nursing pillow with a slipcover that is perfect for their baby's nursery or personality! 

Mombo Products can be found at Toys R' Us and Babies R' Us, making it easy for expecting Moms to add to their Baby Registry List. 

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  1. They didn’t have these when mine were little but I’m going to check them out for my sister! She’s hoping to get pregnant soon!

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