Unusual Cheeses to Try this Summer

Unusual Cheeses to Try this Summer 1

While you can’t beat a good cheeseboard all year round, the arrival of summer – the season of salads and sandwiches – is likely to see you eating more cheese.

Why not give your bog standard supermarket cheddar a miss this year and experiment with some more unusual cheeses instead? Check out the cheesemonger section at www.calnanbrothers.co.uk, the family butchers on the web, for some cheesy inspiration!


Halloumi is different to most other hard cheeses because it’s made from sheep’s milk rather than cow’s. It also has a high melting point, which means that it can be fried or grilled, without losing its shape and texture.

Find authentic halloumi from Cyprus at Calnan Brothers, grill or fry in breadcrumbs, and add to green leaves for a warm summer salad that’s perfect for meals al fresco.

Greek Feta

A good Greek salad is a delicious summer treat. Simply toss Greek Feta (another sheep’s milk cheese), olives, cherry tomatoes and leaves, and drizzle with olive oil.

Black Bomber Cheddar

Sometimes you just can’t beat a good cheddar, and the Black Bomb cheddar is far from ordinary pre-packed fare. This creamy, smooth cheese is coated in a distinctive black/blue wax, and will look fantastic on any summer lunch table.

Perfect on a ploughman’s, or paired with ham or tomato between thick white bread. Simple, yet sublime.

Brie De Meaux Donge

A bacon and brie sandwich on crunchy bread makes a tasty summer lunch. You’ll find this French brie at Calnan Brothers, which has been made following traditional methods by the Donge family in Triconville – all to make sure that your bacon and brie sandwich is nothing short of perfection.


Parmesan is a crucial ingredient in a classic chicken Caesar salad. For a superior taste experience, choose genuine Italian parmesan rather than the cheaper alternatives.

A chicken salad is a great way to use up leftover meat from a roast. Just strip the bird, mix the chicken with leaves, drizzle with Caesar dressing and sprinkle over parmesan. A sprinkle of black pepper is essential!

Calnan Brothers will deliver your selection of delicious cheeses to your doorstep – so take advantage and try something new this summer!

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  1. My son will eat cheese out of the fridge any time of day and even swipes some when I’m not looking! I’ve heard of feta before but am not familiar to some of the others! Thanks for the tip going to check out the site you recommended!

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