Classic Shirts for Summer Style

shirtShow us a man’s wardrobe that doesn’t contain a shirt or two. Most men have to wear shirts for work, and also have at least one or two casual shirts for heading out to the pub or for smarter occasions with family and friends. When summer comes, we think the last thing we need is to be constrained in another shirt for men, but by shopping smarter and knowing what’s available, you can actually find comfortable, stylish shirts that are perfect for summer wear.

To begin with, you don’t need to wear a shirt with a collar. Granddad shirts are still widely popular and many retailers are selling this style, which offers a different look and added comfort. Granddad shirts work well under round-necked or V-neck sweaters and also look great with a denim jacket thrown on top. For summer beaches, team a pure white Granddad shirt with denim shorts and simple flip-flops.

And talking of denim, today’s denim shirts are stylish, and incredibly comfortable to wear. The denim used for shirts is much lighter and softer than that used for jeans, and with added details such as contrast stitching, quality buttons and generous tailoring, denim is idea for casual wear shirts that still look great. You can choose denim with a classic collar or Granddad style and with long sleeves or short, giving you great versatility.

In the summer, comfort is all about the quality of fabric and the cut of the shirt. You’ll want breathable fabrics that don’t cling when it gets hot, so that you look cool and fresh no matter what the weather. For that, you need to choose classic shirts in 100% cotton fabric and for lighter weight mens polo shirts, you can choose seersucker material which is woven for a lighter fabric that actually stays away from your skin. You can also look at mercerized cotton, which offers an incredibly soft feel – perfect if you’re wearing your shirt right next to your skin rather than over a t-shirt.

Retailers offer a wide range of classic shirts, so to differentiate one from the other, you need to look at the quality of fabric, and the attention to detail – the collars, the cuffs, the buttons, the pockets and the finish. A good quality shirt may cost you slightly more, but there are plenty of offers and bargains available that will help you to get better value for less cash. These shirts will last for many years – and will always look fantastic, whatever the weather.

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