Dear Body, I really hate you.

This post is likely T.M.I to some so please, stop now if you get a queasy stomach or don’t want to hear about woman issues. 

This evening, after fighting with more cramping than I had in labor with the twins, I made my way back to the stupid ER. I was loosing more blood yet again and just felt utterly like crap.

After waiting at least an hour and cracking jokes in the waiting room with a lady from my teeny tiny town that recognized me from being at the post office with our twins one day, I was brought back to be seen.

Yup, I know the drill, you need a urine sample. We go to the very back of the ER, I pee while you wait, then back to the room. Except it didn’t work that easy. To the bare eye, you wouldn’t have known it was a cup of urine, no, you’d imagine that somehow, you were looking at a cup of blood. 

Because of that, we had to go for blood.from the arm. The arms with veins that roll and like to blow after being pregnant with the twins. 15 minutes later, she had enough for labs. Something said about a transfusion if labs show my blood count low. UH WHAT!?

Yup, of course, the doctor orders a pelvic. Um. Is there a way to like make what’s happening STOP? Yeah, I’ve given birth to four kids. You still aren’t proud of oh my god, it looks like a murder scene.

The pain of a pelvic when you are already cramping up but oh, it gets better….

“The lab needs another swab. I need you to get undressed for another pelvic.” 

Eff You Body. Really, you have fibromyalgia, do you really have to add another word no one can pronounce to your diagnosis list? Menorrhagia

Two pelvic exams, no dinner bought, and an 800 mg ibuprofen on an empty stomach.

But I should be okay until morning for primary care….

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