Ways to Save Money Shopping on Amazon

save money shopping on Amazon

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When it comes to shopping, I’ve fallen in love with the ability to find deals many tell me they’d miss. I love being able to help friends and family find deals on things they are looking for so I am always ready to look for clearance, open-box, and promo codes. Today I’ve made this list of ways to save money when shopping on Amazon.

Save Money Shopping on Amazon

Subscribe and Save

There’s no denying that if you shop online, you’ve likely ordered a thing or two (or one hundred) from Amazon. For some of your household essentials, you can take 5-15% off by setting up a Subscribe and Save. Our family has set up subscriptions for vitamins, cat litter, energy drinks, and more. It also comes as often as you set up for automatic delivery, a major plus for busy families. Often times, you will find additional coupons savings on brands you know.

Amazon Coupons

As you are shopping, it’s important to double check for any coupons or promos available attached to an item when shopping. While some will automatically apply at checkout, several might require you to “clip” the coupon before adding the item to your cart. Amazon has created a page dedicated to their Most Popular Amazon coupons but you will find them throughout all categories shopping.

Today’s Deals

daily deals on Amazon

We’ve all seen the Lightning Deals during Amazon Prime Day deals but you can still find Daily Deals, including searching by Discount. For a simple click, I found the Amazon current daily deals with discounts up to 70% off or more! You can then browse for any deals that catch your eye or look for the specific category you might be shopping.

Amazon Outlet and Warehouse

This next category is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to deal-hunting. The Amazon Outlet features overstock items and bargain finds based on your previous purchases, etc.

The Amazon Warehouse is perfect to search for pre-owned items, refurbished items, and open box deals. All items have to pass certain standards before being listed for sale so you can rest assured you’ll be able to find something for the fraction of the price.


If you find yourself looking up promo codes when shopping, VIPON will be a favorite for shopping Amazon. While it does take some patience and researching, it’s easy to check an item’s reviews before requesting a coupon code for an item. You can look online as well as their downloadable app. Our entire family loves seeing what catches our eye when we have a free moment to just browse.

These are just a few ways I save money when shopping Amazon online.

Where have you found the best deals to save money shopping on Amazon? Which of these tips do you already use? 

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