Organizing Conference Business Cards

Organizing Conference Business Cards 1

No matter how long an individual has been blogging, at some point we all learn of blog conferences and are intrigued for the chance to check them out. When it comes down to it, there’s plenty of information to learn and take in when attending a conference.

As a blogger, an easy way to connect is being able to have all your information in one spot-on your business card. Whether you are connecting with fellow bloggers or you are establishing a relationship with a company, it shows who you, what you do, and where you are.

From my first time blogging, I have had three styles of business cards. I have held on to all of these so I can compare with others’ cards as well as find new ways to adapt and make the cards work for me.

If you have ever attended a conference, you know that first and foremost-you are going to be in business card overload. Everyone knows to have one. What do you do with all of them?

When I have attended, many times you receive a lanyard. This has been the easiest way to be prepared for business card time. When out and about throughout the conference, it’s easy to keep your own cards handy to pull out and hand to others as well as a spot to put cards in. When you have the chance to then sit back and go through the cards you received, I like to store them in a coupon file that I can fit in my purse. You could easily put in binder sheets, scan into a file on your computer, and more I’m sure.

I like to keep the cards I receive because I can remember certain events or follow up on any discussions we had throughout the conference.

Organizing Conference Business Cards 2Do you have a way to organize the business cards you receive from others?

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