How to Save on your Summer Holidays

Affording a summer holiday is no mean feat, and with the proposed changes to term time absences from school, the cheap out of season break is looking to become a thing of the past.

However, don’t despair – there are things that can be done to save hundreds on your summer holiday, and make sure that you’re getting the best possible break for your money.

Win your holiday

Ok, so this might be a long shot, but there are lots of competitions out there to win holidays in the run up to the summer season. Cushelle are currently running one to win a family break to Butlins, with three family holidays up for grabs, and you can also head to dedicated competition websites where the latest and best comps are detailed and can be accessed at a click. Try the competitions forum on the website.

Get money off

Look out for special offer vouchers on products in the supermarket, in magazines or online. For example, as well as the Butlins competition, Cushelle are also offering vouchers for £20 off a Butlins break – free to everyone who purchases a pack of toilet roll. And we all need toilet roll, right?

Get the best deals

You should also sign up online for the email newsletters of any holiday companies or destinations that you like the look of. You’ll find that you often get emails containing special deals, the cheapest late deals, or exclusive offers, direct to your inbox!

Book a staycation

Ok, so you might be longing for a week or two in the sun – who isn’t? But with holidays abroad costing thousands for the average family, it’s usually much cheaper to look closer to home. Add to the cost factor the fact that taking a UK break can be much less hassle, more convenient and just as much fun as an exotic break, and braving the whims of the British weather doesn’t seem so bad!

Do the overlap

This is a little bit naughty, as term time holidays are frowned upon, but you can often find a cheaper deal if you overlap term time days with school holiday days. For example, the last few days of term often consist of a timetable of playing games and watching dvds, so starting your holiday then instead of a few days later is unlikely to mean any gaps in your kid’s education, but could still save you a pretty penny on exclusively school holiday breaks.


Every family deserves a week or so of summer quality time, preferably by the seaside, and hopefully these little tips will help you get yours without breaking the bank.

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