Have You Got What it Takes to Own a Husky?

If you have been tempted by anyone offering husky puppies for sale then there are several important things you need to know before you commit to buying one.

First and foremost, always remember that every puppy that is bought from a breeder simply encourages more breeding. Considering we live in a country where there are already more dogs and puppies than there are homes for them, it seems nonsense to deliberately breed more dogs. Always consider adopting a husky before considering buying one: not only will you save an awful lot of money but you will also be sure of getting impartial, sensible advice about caring for your husky by the staff at the RSPCA shelter.

This impartial and sensible advice will mainly focus around the typical behavior of a husky. Many huskies end up in animal shelters because their owners find it impossible to care for them because they were not educated about the sorts of things to expect from owning this breed.

huskyA husky’s heritage stems from working dogs used to running over huge expanses of land pulling sledges and heavy loads. They are a very fit, active and strong breed. They are also not the brightest of dog breeds, having been bred to follow the simplest of orders (pull the sledge the way the ropes are pulled…) and so are notoriously difficult to train.

You therefore need a lot of time and energy to be able to properly care for your dog. A quick play in the garden or a stately walk in the park is not going to be enough. They need about twenty hours of exercise each week spread over at least four days. Owing to their thick coats, you also need to keep a careful eye on their temperature to make sure that they are not overheating: take care to pace their exercise to a manageable rate.

You also need a secure garden for those times when you let your dog into it: not only can huskies jump very high, but they can also dig to great depths and are notorious for escaping. Indeed, many of the huskies that end up in shelters are there because they have been lost and it has not been possible to trace their owners (they can run a long way before they are taken in by the RSPCA as strays).

Above all else, your husky needs company. A bored husky is a husky that will find a way to escape if only to find something more interesting to do. Spend as much time with your dog as you can, and provide plenty of stimulating toys. When taking your husky for a walk, remember that it probably won’t come back when you call it if it sees or smells something it would rather do. For this reason you should keep your husky on a harness and lead.

If you have what it takes to care for a husky then ignore the adverts for husky puppies for sale and ask the RSPCA to match you to one of the huskies in their care: then ask and accept expert advice on how to care for it.

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