Chronic Daily Headache and Chronic Pain

Chronic Daily Headache and Chronic Pain 1

Well, my headaches are back 110%. I previously have been diagnosed before with chronic daily headache and sure enough, that is what’s happening right now. Last week, I was in the doctor’s office twice. No relief. We started a new medicine and it has done NOTHING to hit the headache. I’m sick of taking medicines that do nothing.

Tomorrow, I am scheduled with my pain doctor again. I just had an appointment at the beginning of the month where they tried more trigger point injections. Nope. Nada. I miss my old primary care doctor that was fighting to get to the bottom of things and figure all of this out or make a plan and if it didn’t work, try something different.

I am making a list of some of the pain experiences I have on a regular basis. Honestly, I never know what to expect from day to day. The joys of fibromyalgia, huh? I’ve made a list of the “Main Pain Issues” I deal with on a regular basis. We always seem to shrug it off with meds. that have already been tried so here’s to me having the courage to speak up and actually try to find something new.

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  1. Our bodies sure are complicated. “Iā€™m sick of taking medicines that do nothing.” I hear yah. I have IBS (another thing that no medicine really treats), and I’ve chosen to stay at home from now on because of sporadic symptoms. You probably have to stay at home a lot too because of your chronic headaches and back pain. Keep on goin though. Sometimes I feel as if our “incurable” health issues are a sign from above. If it wasn’t for our symptoms I’m sure we wouldn’t be here contributing here on the web, at least not as much šŸ™‚

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