How To Save Money Every Month Without Working More

How To Save Money Every Month Without Working More 1

How To Save Money Every Month Without Working More 2

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When many people want to start saving money, they automatically believe that the only way to do this is by bringing in more money, and whilst that’s definitely true that more money can allow you to put more money away for savings, where people get it wrong is by thinking that the only way to bring in that extra money is by working more hours.

There are many reasons you may not be able to work more hours to make extra money. Perhaps your employer simply doesn’t have extra hours to give, perhaps you’re already working the maximum amount of hours you’re able to without working 24/7 or perhaps you just have things like family commitments, such as children to collect from school that would enable you to work more.

However, this doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck if you want to put something into savings each month. It’s totally possible to save money without working more, and in this post we’re going to share with you some practical tips on how exactly you can do that.

Look at your outgoings:

When it comes to any money matters, the first step is always taking a clear and honest look at what exactly you’re dealing with. You may have wishes to save a certain amount of money each month, but before you can start putting that away, you need to look at what your monthly outgoings are for your basic needs such as paying your rent or mortgage, buying food, etc. Then you can see exactly where you can rearrange some things to enable you to put something aside.

Cut unnecessary costs:

We can easily find our monthly costs building up each month through smaller amounts that we don’t think much of. Things like Netflix subscriptions, gym memberships, mobile phone bills, etc. However, when put together all these things add up and if you want to save money, you’ll definitely find some things in this category that can be cut and you can live quite easily without them. Whilst you may need a mobile phone for various reasons, you can cut your bill by searching for different types of plans at places like

Sell unwanted things:

You most probably have a lot of things lying around your house that you no longer want or need, so instead of just having them gather dust, then a good way to bring in some extra cash is by selling these things – you’ll likely be surprised by just how much you can add to your bank account simply by having a clear out of unwanted clothes and shoes.

Cook at home:

A big portion of what people spend each month goes on food. However, as much as buying food is actually essential, it’s the eating out and takeaway orders that actually are the biggest unnecessary expense in this category. So, even though it can be tempting to go for a meal or order something if you’re tired, if you want to save money each month, then cooking your own meals is not only better for your bank balance, but also for your health. To avoid the feeling of being too tired to cook, then the best thing you can do is develop a weekly meal plan and batch cook your meals in advance. This is also a great way to save money because it means you’re not buying things you don’t need whilst doing your weekly grocery shopping.


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