Consider These New Baby Shower Trends

Consider These New Baby Shower Trends 1

So you’re throwing a baby shower. Perhaps you’re planning it for yourself, your best friend, mom, sister, or coworker, but you simply want it to be great. Though you may have been to a couple of showers in your lifetime, the traditional concept might seem like a bore. Well, you’re certainly not alone, which is why many women have started changing the rules to baby showers. There are tons of new trends that you might consider to celebrate the coming of a new baby in style.

Co-Ed Baby Showers

Believe it or not, there are some guys that would like to be involved in the celebration of their baby. For some reason, however, in the past, they aren’t invited to showers. Today, things have changed. Women are planning co-ed showers and inviting their guys along for the festivities. The theme is typically a little more neutral with drinks and games for dads and it’s a lot of fun.

Gender Reveal

Finding out the sex of the baby is exciting to many couples. For those wanting to share the news of whether they’re having a boy or girl with their friends and family, a gender reveal shower is a great way to do it. You create a shower with a theme that encompasses both male and female interests (for example, pink tutus and blue baseball caps). Then you allow your guests to guess what they think the sex is. Then using cool items like gender reveal smoke bombs or gender reveal confetti cannons that blow out pink or blue smoke to make the grand reveal. Gender reveal smoke help create amazing moments and memories for new parents. Each gender reveal smoke bomb creates clouds of pink or blue smoke for over sixty seconds. Which helps capture the shock and excitement. You can either purchase blue gender reveal smoke or pink gender reveal smoke sticks specifically or even order a mix bag with both so your ready no matter what! Gender reveal smoke bombs are very affordable and can arrive quickly to your door.

Green Showers

Babies are the future of the world and a great way to celebrate this new life and preserve the earth is to have a green shower. This is a trendy theme in which guests are encouraged to bring second-hand baby gifts either from their children, their childhood, or a secondhand store. There are some who take it a step further by repurposing recyclables to create decorations.

Sip and See

Though more of a southern tradition, sip and sees are starting to catch on for new moms everywhere. A sip and see happens after the baby is born (and has been cleared by the doctor). It is an event where friends and family are invited to sip on alcoholic beverages and see the baby (some for the very first time). It’s a great idea for parents who would prefer to wait until after the baby is born to determine what they need.

Baby showers don’t have to be boring, “ladies only” events where everyone dresses in elaborate gowns and oohs and ahhs over the baby gifts. The celebration of the birth of a baby has come a long way since then. Co-ed parties are great for fathers who want to be involved, gender reveals are a unique way to share the sex of the baby with others, green showers are an eco-friendly choice, and sip and sees are convenient for parents who don’t want to waste money on unnecessary gifts they don’t actually need. Whichever of these you decide to go with your guests are sure to have a ball.

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