Why it pays off to check Clearance

Why it pays off to check Clearance 1

Whenever we are shopping, I like to check the clearance spots. You never know when you might find a shop-ahead gift or something you’ve thought about getting but just didn’t want to pay regular price for.

This week, my father in law and his girlfriend were up visiting from Florida. After having lunch and doing some shopping with them and my husband’s Grandma, we ran to Wal-Mart to find some last minute goodies for Aubrey’s birthday party this weekend.

When I made our way into the clearance aisle, there were several people checking out deals. An older couple asked me about the shape of Pampers Cruisers when I quickly realized why they were asking…Limited Edition Prints, 72 diaper boxes, were….A DOLLAR EACH. I was dumbfounded at such a drastic price drop but with twins on the way, I’d be an idiot to not start grabbing.

While I plan to do cloth diapering as much as I can, there’s times when disposables are easier or family members just don’t have the “courage” to handle a cloth diaper change.

Why it pays off to check Clearance 2

Now, I could have grabbed more but I didn’t want to be one of the crazy “clear the shelf” shoppers we see often. I got a good stash that made my day and stunned family when I called to tell them 😉 I grabbed the last box of girls and the rest were boys but hey, who cares? A diaper is a diaper! Overall, six boxes for what did not even equal the regular cost of one box, normally $19.77!

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  1. FANTASTIC deal!!! Too bad you didn’t have any coupons on you. You could have got those suckers for free;)

    1. I thought about that when I got home but I had spending money from family so they were saying I should have grabbed them all LOL! Our cart got full really really fast.

  2. Wow, I love when I happen to find a deal on items like that. Great price, even without coupons.

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