Finding Your Reasons Why

Finding Your Reasons Why 1

This year hasn’t gone as we had thought in any way, shape, or form.

My eyes have been opened immensely in realizing so many things about myself and I am still learning. I never expected to become a single mom again so quickly after an engagement and so many plans for the future.

But it did. I instantly seemed to know though that when it was all said and done, I knew no matter how much I cared or loved, we would be better off when all said and done. I still know that as more things have been processed, I am actually thankful even if things have not been easy.

I’ve found my voice. I’ve gained confidence I forgot I had and I’ve done what I can to help others do the same. It gets a bit eye-opening when you have a variety of individuals pointing out confidence and strength they’ve never seen before.

Some of the things that have happened seem so insane, I truly could not make such up. Despite the stress, we’ve grown. We’ve cut ties with many individuals, including family and those that were toxic to our well-being. We’ve gained new friends, new goals, and more. Life might not have our heads above water yet but we will get there.

If you are not on my Instagram, I’ve been making a point to share quotes that have inspired me through some of our battles.

It might seem impossible at times but always remember, everything happens for a reason. It might not feel like it when you are hurting but remember you have made it this far. Take chances and remember your worth. There’s always a reason to smile.


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