Sunday Stroll-Getting Back from Christmas!!

The Christmas tree is taken apart, the decorations are put away. Thank Goodness! I think today I’m gonna work on cleaning up the living room and moving my desk and everything. I just feel like organizing you know?

Here are some happenings for your Sunday Stroll to relax while I clean!!

MomFuse is having a Piggy Paint giveaway! This is great non-toxic nail polish for little ones and I would love to win some for Kelsie. You can check out the chance to win here

Stephanie at BizzieMommy has a great post “not a new year resolution, a life resolution” which is a great idea of dividing up your goals into five different areas. This is great for those of you trying to decide what things you’d like to accomplish. Check it out!

Go on over to Photo Bug Baby and check out the giveaways she has going on right now! I am definitely entering the Cushy Closer giveaway as Kelsie is at the age she is going crazy shutting doors! She almost locked the bedroom door but luckily Steven was right there!

I know for the New Year, I NEED to get organized! Organizing Your Way just launched and Mandi is going to have lots of great info for all of us!

Time to Get Ready for The New Year!
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