Cook Cook Cook….FALL OVER LOL

So we are doing Christmas at my Moms tomorrow. My grandparents will be there and everything.

As most you know following my blog, my Grandpa is diabetic. Well, Grandma is on him like a hound if he eats ANYTHING sugar in it. Me, of course, being Grandpa’s girl, doesnt want him to be left out. So I bought a No Sugar Added Cherry Pie for him (yummy!) as well as his OWN box of Sugar Free Chocolates.

I just got done making Chocolate Silk Pie.
I still have to make cornbread, corn casserole, possibly some deviled eggs, and some lemon bars.

My Mom has a turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, rolls, heck-the woman even got Plums (who knows what will happen to them!)

So what final strings are you doing as the countdown to Christmas comes to an end? I’m ready to fall over. 🙂

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  1. I have lucked out. I’m not really doing anything. I do have a couple of gifts to wrap, but by a couple I mean like three. And the rest is someone else’s deal. 🙂

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