Big Thanks

I’m sure most will agree, it can be hard to admit when you need some help or that things are not going the way you would like them to turn out.

This year has had its tough moments but it has also had the incredible moments as well.

With Steven’s surgery, it made our financial area very tight (it still is) and we both were afraid of how we were going to provide for our children a great Christmas.

I can not put into words right now how thankful I am for the Ames Police Department for adopting our girls for Christmas. Today we received an unbelievable amount of presents for them that have actually left Mommy here crying. These are good tears. The generosity that we received is incredible and I can not say how thankful I am.

I just had to write out my extreme thankfulness for the Ames Police Department for helping us make our girls Christmas a good one.

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