Trigger Points and All

Trigger Points and All 1

I know I have been naughty in not updating about my Center for Pain Medicine appointment but I haven’t been sure to explain how it went and what it was.

I was scared. I figured we’d have a huge wait. Luckily, the nurse was calling me back into a room before I was even done with all the paperwork. She was very nice and I actually felt comfortable-not like I was “burdening” them with another patient. I met the first resident dr. and he was the “million question man”. He took care of everything but I ultimately thought while he waited for his attending that I was just gonna be sent home with some new pill to pop and try.

The attending physician got my vote when he came in. With a smile on his face he said, “You’re too young to be here, let’s take care of this.” Yup. He went up in my point scale big time at that. He then said that after hearing about my car accident, whiplash can cause long term injuries that people don’t even think about. He thinks that alot of my upper back muscle issues are from the car accident. He asked if it was okay to do some trigger point injections. Yup, I’m willing to do anything at this point. They went along my back, neck, and scalp. Can I just say WHOA. I lost count but my Mom said there was probably 20 or so.

The dr’s kept asking me if I needed a break as they were back to back to back…I just said “Nope, just gotta remember to breathe. Then it will be over sooner than later.” Can I just say whoa to injections on your scalp? It seriously made a noise that I can only describe as CRUNCHING. It was INTENSE.

I go back in the end of October. We will do another round of injections if I feel there has been improvement. When I went to my chiropractor, he has been trying to stretch that muscle every time he sees me. He noticed a difference big time. While he said it was tight, it actually “Let go”. If he can feel that, then it’s good news to me.

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  1. I’ve never had trigger point injections in the scalp, but I love my pain specialist! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be walking. Here’s hoping your trigger point injections bring you relief and you can move forward in your treatment.

  2. I sure hope this helps for you Jenna, watching your status updates is heart breaking! I hope you get the break you deserve and you can get your health going in a better direction. I never knew you were in a car accident they say sometimes FMS can be caused from trama, wonder if there is a connection.

    I see my one doctor on Friday and I’m going to ask about Triggers Points.

  3. Wow, Amen for Doctor’s that listen and tried to do something different to afford you some relief. I hope you are feeling less pain from the injections.

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