What Did I do to deserve this?

What Did I do to deserve this? 1

Yesterday, after dealing with Mary Greeley and my neurology nurse calling over, we were told I would be seen after they received dictation from my neurologist.

This morning I was called by the “Director” of Pain Medicine Clinic. He just called me again after doing some investigating and told me I would not be seen. Um excuse me? Why then was I told yesterday I was told YES, I would be called once dictation was received.

How can they get away with this? I have the name of the individual that told me yesterday she talked to the doctor and had said I would be seen as soon as the dictation from my neurology appointment. How can they get away with this treatment?

My doctor today gave me some trigger point injections where she is allowed to do so. I still have a horrid migraine. She told me we weren’t going to give me Torodal knowing it would not work. So my only option is to go back to the emergency room.

I can’t do this anymore. Thanks alot Mary Greeley.

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  1. Aren’t there any good lawyers where you are?
    Maybe a call from a lawyer would work in getting you seen.

  2. Jenna I really hope that you will soon find a doctor that will help you and get you on some meds or do what ever it is that they can do to help you have some relief. I know how you feel I was like that years ago when no one knew what was going on. I will send you thoughts and prayers in hopes that soon you will be a lil bit of pain free. I would love to say you would be totally pain free but coming from someone that has FMS I know that is not possible.

  3. Nothing worse than getting the run around. I hope you get help soon.
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Parent Takes Picture of Baby Smoking A Bong =-.

  4. BOY can I relate! I am just joining and getting caught up on some of your posts. Sure hope you find some help. I had gone 8 years with a FMS/CFS diagnosis along with having lots of back surgeries. Now Lyme added to this. Pain can take over your whole being. People dont understand unless they have been there. So sorry you have to go through this Jenna…

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