Comfort impacts Your Health

Comfort impacts Your Health 1

Since dealing with all of my health issues and the fibromyalgia, it’s been one of those, “How can I make life easier for myself?” situations. Obviously, I have to take my time adapting things and sometimes I just have to say NO to those around me. They might not get it but it’s what I need to do so I can be me and take care of my children.

One thing I am always sassed about time and time again is getting a good night sleep. If you have ever dealt with pain, I sure you know the I can’t get quite comfortable, tossing and turning all over the place. It plain out stinks. I’ve started taking different vitamins, and have now been looking at memory foam products. From pillows and leg supports to mattress toppers and actual mattresses-there are a crazy amount of products to take in. I know obviously that sleeping on a firm mattress leaves me stiff in the morning and lots of stretching to get moving again. I also have realized there are tons of brands that make memory foam items so it’s really just a matter of which brand recommendation is best?

When we moved, we got a really comfortable couch for free. I was impressed. We do have one couch though that you sink in with no support whatsoever. When the time is right, I’m all for checking out new furniture. While I’ll probably end up waiting until we are in an actual house, it would be nice to replace things one by one. As the doctor said, fibromyalgia doesn’t go away but you have to learn with it. I’m pretty sure that means I’m entitled to a few nice things, right?

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