Sinus Infections and Knicked Nerves OH MY!

Sinus Infections and Knicked Nerves OH MY! 1

I realize I have not posted lately about the fibromyalgia and headaches. I’m still pretty much playing the waiting game to see.

With the Sinus CT showing significant abnormalities, I really don’t know what it means and won’t until I see an ENT in two weeks. The only problem with that is-I have another sinus infection right now. It’s crazy how quickly a cold turns into a full on “I want to rip my head off” feeling. I just wish there was something to be done up until then.

I am still doing physical therapy, although the physical therapist says I’m moving better when in my eyes, I’m doing worse. Who knows…

Next Friday is the appointment in Iowa City with pain medicine clinic. I have another knicked nerve in my leg to add to the mix. Kind of irritating with all the injections I have been forced to have instead of coming up with something that I can do at home. It really feels like a run-around. I still haven’t received my info packet for being a new University of Iowa patient so I’m a bit worried. I really don’t know what to expect. I just hope something is DONE and not “Let’s see you back in a month.”

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  1. Certainly hope they can do something to help you. Life is hard to live when you’re in chronic pain, I know, so I’ll say prayers for you that they find something to help you feel better.

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