Total Gym Total Mom Fitness Challenge Update

Total Gym Total Mom Fitness Challenge Update 1

Since I started using the Total Gym, I’ve felt stronger. I can hold my girls longer, I have more energy overall, and I’m just feeling better. While I’m not losing weight as fast as I want to, my body is still getting stronger, something I need. I’m still dealing with pain though, something that hopefully-my second round of trigger point injections on Monday will help.

For some of the leg exercises, I can easily raise the incline to a Level 4 or 5. My legs have quite a bit of strength in them, so working out my legs in no issue. From side squats to the skier, I can get myself going pretty fast and feel comfortable. My arms and upper body are getting better slowly, but with my fibro acting up, it’s slowed me down a bit. With getting the trigger point injections, I’ll be in a bit of discomfort but they say the more you move the better so it will be good to get home and go to work on the Total Gym. I have to use lower inclines for my shoulders and back but I am working on focusing on the exercise so I can feel my form and make sure that I’m not whipping through it. When you focus on how your body is flowing, you feel it better and ultimately, help yourself out.

My weight this morning was at 152.1.

Total Gym Total Mom Fitness Challenge Update 2

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