Tooth Fairy 2 Starring Larry the Cable Guy *Set Visit*

Tooth Fairy 2 Starring Larry the Cable Guy *Set Visit* 1

Many of you that have been following my tweets noticed last week that I got out of the snow in Iowa and headed to Orlando, Florida to go behind the scenes of the filming of Tooth Fairy 2, starring none other than Larry the Cable Guy.

Tooth Fairy 2 finds Florida car repairman and one-time Metro County Miracle bowling champ Larry Guthrie (Larry The Cable Guy) having one bad day. He just learned his ex-girlfriend, schoolteacher Brooke (Erin Beute), plans to marry his arch-enemy, a local politician (David Mackey). When Larry shows up at Brooke’s after-school program to talk her out of it, his big mouth lands him in trouble as he inadvertently breaks the news to a child the the Tooth Fairy is just a myth. Now, unless Larry collects 20 teeth in 20 days, the Tooth Fairies are going to erase his greatest memory. And unless he can prove to Brooke that he’s a changed man, he’s going to lose her forever.

Tuesday we were given the opportunity to meet on Universal Studios while filming of Tooth Fairy 2 was wrapping up and talk to producer, Alan Blomquist (also known for Walk the Line, Larry the Cable Guy:Health Inspector) and known other than Larry the Cable Guy himself.

Tooth Fairy 2 Starring Larry the Cable Guy *Set Visit* 2Being able to sit back with both Alan and Larry and discuss everything there is about Blue Collar, Tooth Fairy 2, and everything there is about the entertainment industry. While many would be somewhat intimidated by the idea of meeting two big names in the business, it was exactly opposite. Both Alan Blomquist and Larry the Cable Guy greeted the group of bloggers with open arms and a very personable sit-down.

Larry the Cable Guy is family man. He told us about how being a Dad has impacted his roles in picking movies and his work. I can tell you that Larry the Cable Guy is a very down to earth individual that loves to sit back and just talk with his fans.

While Tooth Fairy 2 follows a similar line as the original Tooth Fairy, Larry is a non-believer in the magic of the Tooth Fairy. You will see similarities between each movie but, Tooth Fairy 2 will stand out all on it’s own with Larry The Cable Guy bringing the comedy we all love.

While there is not a set release date yet for Tooth Fairy 2, be sure to check back as I will keep you all posted for this must-see movie!

I will also be sharing more information about different things I checked out while in Florida, as well as some awesome picks so stay-tuned!

Tooth Fairy 2 Starring Larry the Cable Guy *Set Visit* 3

Orlando Florida Tooth Fairy 2 Mom Blogger Set Visit


I was provided with travel accommodations to be able to check out the Tooth Fairy 2 set and more. All opinions are that of my own.


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  1. What a wonderful time and I am so glad I got to meet you! I can’t wait to read your other posts about our trip!

  2. I saw Tooth Fairy 1, and loved it, but can NOT wait to see this one!! Larry the Cable Guy is gonna rock it, I know it! Love your write up and I am even more eager to see the movie!

  3. So glad you could come to Florida…I live about two hours from Orlando. I don’t know anything about these pictures…I guess this grandma just really hasn’t kept up on these things!!

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