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The Alternative Medicine Cabinet 1

As many of you are aware, I obviously have been prescribed medicine after medicine for my headaches and Fibromyalgia. Side effects can take over an entire day making it impossible to feel well. I’ve worked to find more natural ways as I have the chance and hope to eventually find a plan that works right for me and that I can slowly avoid so many prescription medications.

If you are looking for a way to handle your health in a natural way, then the book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet by Kathy Gruver, MS,LMT,RM,NHC is a must read. This book is a true resource to any health circumstances you might be encountering and breaks down alternative medicine.

The Alternative Medicine Cabinet 2

Whether you are looking to learn more about the breakdown of various massage therapies and how each can have an impact on your health or how specific foods and herbs can impact your body, this is the book for you. I had heard

about taking magnesium in the past and sure enough, magnesium is discussed in helping with PMS, headaches, and other pains. Healthy eating also helps our body stay functioning and it is surprising to see so many foods we often ignore that actually carry the nutrients we need to fight off sometimes everyday issues.

Kathy is very knowledgeable of natural and homeopathic living. The Alternative Medicine Cabinet gives a whole new resource to looking at what options you have. While I still am under the care of doctors and yes, taking a ton of medicines that I must deal with the side effects, I LOVE my chiropractor and  am amazed at how many parts of our body a chiropractor can help improve.

Another important aspect I see in this book is not a med. or something to try eating-it’s about your attitude. When you think positively, you help yourself find positive results.

The Alternative Medicine Cabinet describes natural remedies that are available to help decrease dependence on medication and surgery.

Kathy Gruver maintains a practice in traditional naturopathy in Santa Barbara, California. She has been featured as an expert is numerous publications including Massage Magazine, SouthWest Blend, Discover, First for Women, SB Fitness, The Holistic Option, Bottled Water Web, DermaScope Magazine, and Pacific Coast Business Times. She is a frequent guest on radio and TV shows covering topics such as back pain, mind/body medicine, healthy pregnancy, homeopathics, nutrition, herbs, patient advocacy and massage for wellness.

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  1. I agree that sometimes you have to look beyond traditional medicine to find pain relief in chronic illnesses, but be sure to check with your Doctor before using herbs if you are still on traditional medicine too, as some of them can interact in a non-positive way.
    I wish my insurance paid for chiropractors. I’d go to one at least once a week if it did.

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