Top 5 “Kid Spending” Times

Have you ever just thought about the simple things you do with your kids and how enjoyable they are? As I sat here to think, I realized that there are sooooo many things that I love to do with my girls that I don’t even think about how much I love it because we just do it.

1. Getting dressed. It’s so fun to watch them squirm to fit those arms into the right holes or how excited Kelsie has become when she “does it all by herself”.

2. Spending time outside. Watching as Aubrey points at the new things she sees or works to repeat the words we are doing. Those BIG steps to climb the stairs of a park jungle gym. My girls love being outdoors. It’s so fun to know that I am sharing a love and a passion with them to enjoy it.

3. Coloring. Have you ever just sat back and watched your little one go with a crayon and that paper? That creativity just keeps growing. Ask them what they are drawing if they can answer you.

4. Food time. Whether it’s just a snack or out to a new restaurant-I’m proud to see them trying new foods. Kelsie ate a slice of GINGER and stunned me with a “Yummy” as she reached for another piece. Alright goofball, if you say so.

5. Cuddle time. Crawling up on the couch with teddy and blanket makes my heart melt. I love my girls. I love them wrapping their arms around my neck and just laying their head to rest. I know they are already growing too fast. I need my cuddle time now before I hear the, “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!”. Believe me, I know it will be here way too soon.

What do you love?

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  1. This is a great reminder Jenna. I agree though, I love watching Owen color it’s funny to hear what he’s drawing or what they are doing.
    .-= Brandy┬┤s last blog ..caught the plague =-.

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