Coughing, and fevers, and cooties…Oh my!

Coughing, and fevers, and cooties...Oh my! 1

This year is not off to a good start from the health standpoint. Kelsie’s first day back to school after Winter break, she was exposed and caught influenza. You look at that kid and can make her get sick. School requirements are the child must be without a fever (100 degrees) for 24 hours without the help of medicine. Sure enough, her fever decided to taunt us and stay just above 100 and she missed a week of school because of it.

Then the twins both had cold symptoms. After a week, Nathan hit a fever and was having a hard time breathing. Being that they were preemies, sickness is a big deal for us. In we went to find out he had influenza. It stunned me. I always anticipated influenza as the sudden fever, not being sick sporadically and then turning worse.

Next up, Lucas developed the high fever. *Sigh* Little man wanted nothing but cuddles and sleep.

Yesterday, Nathan woke up coughing and with a fever once again. His cough was yuck and sure enough, one of the warnings I had received was if he gets better and then sick again, bring him back in. Double ear infection and somehow, he ended up with an abscess under all of that thick hair. The little guy was given ear drops to help with the pain. That is one thing I have never experienced and Kelsie used to be notorious for ear infections so I knew something was up to get ear drops on top of antibiotics.

Hospital Visit 1...
Hospital Visit 1…

After I got him home and we went about her night, Aubrey could not get to sleep and started crying being in pain 🙁 Back to the hospital for Round Two. My poor girl had a fever and she hurt so much she couldn’t crawl up into her carseat. When taking her vitals, her heart was racing so fast, she set of the monitors. I actually started crying seeing how much pain she was in. This is the little girl that can get shots and not cry. I knew she was in agony. Despite all the signs of influenza, negative. All tests came back negative. To me, that almost scares me more not having an explanation for why.

Hospital Visit 2...My Poor Girl =(
Hospital Visit 2…My Poor Girl =(

I have been downing the Vitamin C like no other, I can tell you that much. While I’ve been feeling sick, I’m definitely not as bad as I probably should be.

I’m ready for warm weather my friends.

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  1. Jenna, its been the WORST this year for P on sick. We get it and then get rid of it and get it again. OMG!

    I hope your family feels better soon.


  2. Sick little ones are never any fun. Just like you I am looking forward to warmer weather when we can open the windows and get all the germs out of the house/

  3. I hate the doctors not knowing too. My daughter’s pedi did a flu test that came up negative then checked her ears and said they were a little pink but not enough for an ear infection. I had to go back the next day and a different doctor said raging ear infection. It’s so frustrating when little ones are sick and doctors don’t always see the same things.

  4. bless your heart dear,,sounds like youve had more than your share of sickness,maybe spring will bring all good health for everyone

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